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انجمن خدام القرآن کے قیام کا مقصد منبع ایمان اور سرچشمۂ یقین قرآنِ حکیم کے علم و حکمت کی وسیع پیمانے اور اعلیٰ علمی سطح پر تشہیر و اشاعت ہے۔ تاکہ اُمت مسلمہ کے فہیم عناصر میں تجدید ایمان کی ایک عمومی تحریک برپا ہوجائے اور اس طرح اسلام کی نشأۃ ثانیہ اورغلبۂ دینِ حق کے دورِ ثانی کی راہ ہموار ہو سکے

About Our Academy

Dr. Israr Ahmad, the founder of Anjuman-e-Khudam-ul-Quran, established the Central Anjuman-e-Khudam-ul-Quran Lahore in 1972 to revive the relationship of the Ummah with the Qur'an. The organization has established several branches at home and abroad, one of which is Anjuman Khuddam Ul Quran Islamabad.

Anjuman Khuddam Ul Quran is an institution of Qur'anic service, but it would not be correct to consider it merely an institution in the general sense, but in fact it is a movement to return to the Qur'an, a movement to draw people to the Qur'an and its people.

Islamic Books

All the works of Dr. Israr Ahmad (may Allah have mercy on him) published by Maktaba Anjuman-e-Khudam-ul-Quran and all the issues of the monthly Hikmat-e-Quran besides other important topics are available for online reading and downloading.

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In addition to the complete Qur'anic commentary and detailed lectures on the Qur'an, an extensive collection of video recordings of speeches by various teachers on various topics is available for direct viewing and downloading. Click the link below.

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Live Lectures

Arrangements are made to broadcast the Quran Academy and its organized Daura-e-Tarjuma Quran and sermons on Fridays and various weekly lessons, the recordings of which are also provided for listening / watching or downloading after the program.

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A collection of audio recordings of Qur'anic lectures and lectures on various religious topics by Dr. Israr Ahmad (may Allah have mercy on him) and other teachers which are available for listening and downloading and are increasing on a regular basis.

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